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T-71C+ New core aligning fusion splicer from Sumitomo

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has released the new T-71C+ splicer, Sumitomo’s innovative WiFi-enabled direct core alignment fusion splicer and SumiCloud® Service.

This upgraded unit inherits the product concept, “Ultra-fast splicing in every environment” from our previous flagship model, the T-71C.

While compact, lightweight, rugged and durable, the T-71C+ provides faster splicing and reduced heat shrink time. The T-71C+ achieves a 6 second splice time and 14 second heat shrink time in Quick Mode. Also, the T-71C+ continues to carry Sumitomo Electric’s original “two independent heaters” and “touch screen control panel” for simple and productive operation.

Furthermore, the T-71C+ provides users with Wireless LAN connectivity to improve productivity and asset management. The Wireless LAN enabled a connection between the T-71C+ and Sumitomo Electric’s SumiCloud® system via an Android smart-phone App. With the dedicated smart-phone App., the T-71C+ user can enjoy a wide range of benefits; including User Help Tools and Splice Data Management services.

With 30 years experiences of producing optical fiber fusion splicers, Sumitomo Electric achieved to introduce this innovative T71C+ & SumiCloud® service to the industry. Together the T71C+ & SumiCloud® now open the door to completely new splicer experience.

More info and brochure you can find on our webpage http://www.baltronic.com/en/productcat/splicers/