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+372 699 6790

Veerenni 52, Tallinn, 11313 Estonia

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Baltronic is a rapidly growing company that operates in the Baltic States and Scandinavia, and has clients in many European countries. We are successful because we are always searching for more efficient ways of organizing our business activities

Our goal is to achieve increasingly better results and this is one of the criteria we use to assess our work. Our advantages are a wide product selection and our ability to come up with unique solutions whenever necessary. We only assume obligations that we are able to fulfill and we always keep our promises.

We focus on the needs of our clients and move towards successful solutions together with them. We always do our best. Our relationships with our clients are built on mutual respect, straightforwardness and openness. Our wide product range allows us to offer various expert solutions which, when combined with different logistics services, guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of our clients on the market for telecommunications infrastructure equipment. All this has been made possible by our full commitment to client services and the high requirements we set ourselves in every area of our work. We see partnership as the foundation of our entire business rather than just a nice word.

Quality and environmental awareness are the cornerstones of the operating principles and management system in Baltronic Group. All members of the Group adhere to well organized procedures that support a flexible organization of work. This helps the management of the company develop further and establishes a firm foundation for the creating of a strong organizational culture in the entire Group. It guarantees the implementation of strict control measures improves our ability to keep up with changes and of course increases the satisfaction of our clients.

As reflection to all these efforts the ISO 9001 quality management certificate and the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate has been issued by Bureau Veritas to all Baltronic Group companies in Baltics.

Hexatronic Group AB (publ) has on November 2 , 2020 acquired all shares in Baltronic Group OÜ and Baltronic Group became a subsidiary of Hexatronic Group.

Hexatronic Group AB (publ) is a group that develops, markets and delivers products, components and system solutions with the main focus on the fiber optic market. Hexatronic offers a wide range of innovative system and product solutions mainly for passive fiber optic infrastructure with global trademarks. The Group has its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.  The Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker HTRO. For more information, visit www.hexatronicgroup.com.

We hope you will choose Baltronic as your cooperation partner. We confirm that we are the reliable, cooperative and flexible team that you have been looking for and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

Magnus Eidebo
Chairman of Board
Baltronic Group OÜ