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+372 699 6790

Veerenni 52, Tallinn, 11313 Estonia

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MISSIONringhäälingu süsteemid

Baltronic contributes to the creation and development of the information society through high-quality solutions and reliable partnerships.

CONTRIBUTES” means that the Baltronic brand is well known and recognized.

DEVELOPMENT OF THE INFORMATION SOCIETY” means continuous involvement and potential for the future…

RELIABLE PARTNERSHIPS” means Baltronic’s expertise and that of the companies it represents…

RELIABLE” also means quality and trustworthiness…



Baltronic’s vision is to be a recognized value adding supplier of high-tech products, furthering the development of the information society and energy efficient ways of thinking. We are a trustworthy partner characterized by the words “flexibility“and “quality“.

RECOGNIZED VALUE ADDING PLAYER” means presence: being the first name to come to mind out of all of the top companies…

FLEXIBILITY” means speed and meeting customers’ expectations…

QUALITY” means keeping promises, fast logistics, and straightforwardness in communication…



Partnership – our customers and suppliers are our good partners. We care and value our mutual relations.

Reliability – we keep our promises and we are open and honest.

Competence – we are experts in our respective fields. To assure success to our partner and ourselves we are continuously developing the skills and knowledge of our staff.

Teamwork – we are committed to working together with our partners towards mutual goals. We act as a solid team with our partners.

Flexibility – we do our best to adjust our products and services according to the customer expectations and needs.