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+372 699 6790

Veerenni 52, Tallinn, 11313 Estonia

Saada kiri kodulehelt

The main goal of  Baltronic Group is to deliver telecommunication system components, services, and knowledge that fulfill the requirements and expectations of customers’, suppliers’, and other interested partiesand are in accordance with Baltronic Group customer oriented and environment friendly strategy.

In  our  activities  we  are  guided  by  integrated  environmental  and  quality management  system,  which  is  oriented  to  continual  improvement  and  responds  to  the  requirements  of  international   standards  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. All employees are aware of the integrated environmental and quality management system and use it in their work.

Main keywords, which help us to achieve success and recognition, are following:

  1. Quality of products and services. Monitoring and analysis are regular activities that help us to improve our products and services. As a result of collaboration with our customers, we are able to offer them the most effective solutions in conformity with the concrete situation.
  2. Fulfillment of customer, relevant legal, and other interested parties’ requirements. We act in accordance with legal and other relevant requirements and our principles of working are environment friendly and taking into consideration occupational health and safety.

Quality and environmental policy