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Baltronic Group was awarded as the Partner of the Year 2012 of Coiler Corporation.

We have the great pleasure to announce that Baltronic Group and Coiler Corporation efforts and common targets have led to successful collaboration in the Baltic market.

Coiler_award2As a result of this success, Coiler Corporation rewarded Baltronic Group with the prize Partner of the Year 2012. The award was given by the management of the Coiler Corporation to Baltronic during the GSMA World Congress held in Barcelona, February 2013.

Coiler Corporation is one of the most experienced and most focused repeater suppliers in the World. Based in Taiwan and established in 1991, Coiler Corporation has been gradually expanding its repeater product portfolio to now where we are able to offer our clients the widest choice of mobile signal enhancement solutions for indoor and outdoor coverage for all mobile networks. Coiler Corporation offers solutions ranging in power level from 0dBm all the way up to 43dBm, enabling mobile operators, systems integrators and mobile phone users to resolve cell phone signal coverage issues in any environment.

Coiler Corporation is proud to be able to offer its clients with choice of solutions optimized for their various coverage needs. We want to make sure that our clients get solutions well suited to their coverage requirements, no matter if it is needed to enhance coverage at home, office, shopping mall or a village in the mountains.

Coiler Corporation is a leading supplier of RF repeaters and related accessories that provide easy and reliable access, high quality voice, and high speed data transmission via cellular networks throughout any facility or outdoor environment across Asia, Europe and Africa and Middle East.

Vt. lisaks Coiler Corporation: www.coiler.com