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Coiler’s LTE repeaters guarantee seamless extension of your LTE network




LTE is the most up to date trend for wireless communications globally. As more operators are using LTE network technology, the demand for indoor LTE coverage also increases. One of the technical challenges of creating repeaters fully compatible with LTE network is to minimize the group delay of the repeaters to below 4.68 microseconds (the standard Cyclic Prefix value). As one of the top providers of RF repeaters, Coiler has developed two repeater series that overcame this technical challenge so there would be no drop of throughput even using extending LTE network through these repeaters.

First of which would be the AT Series repeater. AT-2200 has been one of the bestselling 3G residential repeaters globally. Coiler has carried this successful design from 3G to 4G, and there are now four models of AT repeaters specifically designed for LTE networks. AT-700 is for 700 APD (Band 28); AT-800 for 800 DD (Band 18); AT-900 for 900 (Band 8); and AT-1800 for 1800+ (Band 3). Featuring 65dB of gain and 13dBm of output power, AT Series unit is the most ideal choice of residential repeater. Each one of these AT Series repeaters also supports frequency and bandwidth adjustment via Coiler’s OMT software, making them versatile for any operator that has launched LTE in any of these four supported bands.

MB Series, the other Coiler LTE repeater series currently has two models: MB-900 and MB-1800. Although LTE technology has been deployed on 900 and 1800 bands, UMTS and GSM are quite common on 900 and DCS is still widely used on 1800. The MB utilizes digital filter that can support multiple adjustable segments and multiple network technologies. When MB-900/1800 is used for LTE or UMTS network, it can support up to two separate segments (two operators, or one operator with two separate segments); when used for GSM or DCS, MB-900/1800 can support up to four segments (up to four operators or operator with up to four segments). Additionally, the AGS (Auto Gain Setting) on MB automatically adjust the gain of each segment so even when the source signals vary in strength on the donor side, the output power on the service side would be equal for each segment. The MB repeater has 80dB of gain and 23dBm of output power when used for LTE or UMTS, 19dBm for GSM , 20dBm for DCS. With built in keypad for easy local control, it is the best coverage solution for medium to large indoor areas.