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New Telegärtner brochure “Components for Mobile Radio Base Stations”

The development of the mobile radio market and the expansion of the infrastructure for broadband networks (LTE) increasingly set new challenges for manufacturers and installers. Telegärtner supports you in this with an extended portfolio especially for mobile radio applications.


In the revised brochure “Components for Mobile Radio Base Stations” you will find a wide selection of high frequency, fiber optic and RJ45 components for this cases.


Newly included respectively expanded were the following chapters:


–        4.3-10 series

–        Jumper cables

–        Surge protection

–        RET cables

–        Hybrid power and fibre optic cable

–        Fiber-to-the-antenna

–        Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors


You can download the brochure here. In case you need some printed copies, please let us know.


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