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About new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates

 In May 2021, the Baltronic Group successfully passed re-certification audits conducted by Bureau Veritas. The Group companies Baltronic OÜ, Baltronic SIA and Baltronic Vilnius UAB were issued new certificates, confirming the compliance of management and environmental systems and processes of  Baltronic Group to all requirements established by quality and environmental management system standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Baltronic Group’s integrated quality and environmental management system covers the sales of telecommunication network components and measurement equipment in the Baltic States, and additional sales and assembly of fiber optic and copper cable networks and microduct fittings and passive markers products in Estonia.

Announcement of the merger of Baltronic Group OÜ and Hexatronic Group AB

Dear customers and partners,


We are pleased to announce that Hexatronic Group AB (publ) has acquired all shares in Baltronic Group OÜ and Baltronic Group became a subsidiary of Hexatronic Group.

The accession took effect on November 02, 2020.

The Baltronic team and our contact details remain the same. All customer and cooperation agreements and arrangements continue to be valid on the current terms.

You can find more information from here.


We look forward to continuing the successful cooperation,


Baltronic OÜ

Tallinn, November 2, 2020

Efore Powernet Oy becomes Enedo Finland Oy


We would like to inform you that following Efore Oy name change to Enedo Oy also Efore Powernet Oy will be renamed to Enedo Finland Oy. This name change is effective as of March 20, 2020.

This means that only the company name will change. The products are the same and the same commitment to our customers success will continue.


Baltronic OÜ


Notice to clients and partners regarding of the COVID-19

Dear partners and customers,

Given the state of emergency in the Republic of Estonia and the global impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to inform our customers and sales partners of our steps we have taken to ensure the continuity of our services in the event of an emergency.

It goes ithout saying that, in the current environment, the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is paramount. As a result, we have suspended our employees’ business travel and customer visits until the risk has passed. We have coached staff to use IT technologies and organize internal and external meetings through online solutions. As a precautionary measure, we have also made it possible for employees whose working nature allows them to work in a home office.

This is however not possible in our production process. In our production and logistics department, we have taken the necessary measures to prevent infections in accordance with the Government of the Republic of Estonia´s current restriction regulations and the Health Board’s recommendations.

We are also constantly monitoring the situation regarding suppliers’ material stocks and logistics partners. At the moment we continue to be fully operational with above limitations and have no significant impacts to our supply chain and production.

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and the situation is changing daily. We are constantly monitoring the conditions and restrictions that are mandatory in this context. We are committed to maintaining our business operations and ensuring you continue to receive the highest quality service without disruption.

As a partner, Baltronic OÜ asks for your understanding if, despite our efforts, delays have occurred or should occur. If there is any requirement that needs our attention, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can find a reasonable solution to overcome those obstacles.


Baltronic OÜ

We have opened an online shop fiberoptics24

We are pleased to announce that Baltronic OÜ has opened an online store, www.fiberoptics24.eu, from September 2019, where you can quickly and conveniently purchase a wide range of communication network cables, equipment, tools and accessories, and more.


Among other things, we offer the following fiber optic products through the online store:

  • Terminated cables
  • Passive components
  • Cable management equipment
  • FO welding equipment and components
  • Cleaning supplies

We are also distributors of Jonard tools and Vesala cable finders.

Come and see the selection of products!



5G-pilot network in Tallinn

Telia, Ericsson and TalTech University opened the first 5G pilot network in Estonia


About new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates

In May 2021, the Baltronic Group successfully passed re-certification audits conducted by Bureau Veritas. The Group companies Baltronic OÜ, Baltronic SIA and Baltronic Vilnius UAB were issued new certificates, confirming the compliance of management and environmental systems and processes of  Baltronic Group to all requirements established by quality and environmental management system standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Baltronic Group’s integrated quality and environmental management system covers the sales of telecommunication network components and measurement equipment in the Baltic States, and additional sales and assembly of fiber optic and copper cable networks and microduct fittings and passive markers products in Estonia.

Significant Orders of EME Guard XS in Europe

Significant Orders of EME Guard XS in Europe  

Together with the continuous flow of POs for EME Guard XS that is being received from the US market, the European market is also very active and shows an important flow of POs in the past months coming from the following MVG European distributors: Suojalaite (Finland), Anteros (Croatia), MST (Czech Republic), Tritech (Israel), Softbox (Cyprus), TEMSystem (Spain), T&M Systems (Benelux), CableCom (Portugal), Delo (Italy), Butler (Ireland), Drys (Greece), SkyEco (Slovakia), Baltronic (Baltics) and with a special mention for Eudisa (Germany) who just sold (again!) several hundreds of units in a single shot to a major cellular infrastructure builder. Congrats to all!

All the 28 European states have now the European Directive 2013-35-EU translated in a local law: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/search.html?type=advanced&qid=1507819107824&DN=72013L0035*

As a direct consequence, the need for personal Exposimeter is increased because of companies who are now forced to take actions to comply with this new law.

EME Guard XS, with its affordable price and short delivery time is the right product to propose to companies who need to take immediate actions to control the exposure of their employees.


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Baltronic became a member of The FOA

We are pleased to announce that Baltronic became a member of the FOA (Fiber Optics Association).  The FOA is the international professional society of fiber optics. The FOA Corporate Membership Program was started in 2011 to provide organizations active in fiber optics an organization of their own, where they can exchange ideas, benefit from FOA’s active programs to educate and certify the technicians who work in the field, have access to FOA materials that will help them promote their businesses, etc. As a new program, it will evolve according to the needs of the members.


Telegaertner Jumper Cables and SIMFix® Connectors tested by TILAB Institute

Telegaertner Jumper Cables and SIMFix® Connectors tested by TILAB Institute

A determining factor in guaranteeing interference free transmission of mobile radio signals is passive intermodulation caused by mechanical stress. TILAB tested Telegärtner jumper cables as well as connectors with excellent results.

The mobile communications market is evolving fast, especially concerning frequencies and networks. The first 5G networks are already planned for 2018 in Japan and South Korea. With the growing number of frequencies, as well as the increased demand for bandwidths and data rates, the threat of disturbances to signal transmission caused by intermodulation increases as well. Efficient and high quality products are required for interference free transmission.

Facing this challenge, Telegärtner has had their eight most commonly used products tested by in the independent TILAB Institute.

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FIMO Group new WEB site

Clarity, simplicity, immediacy and usability will help your navigation and you will discover a truly new world where all your needs in the cable management field will find the most appropriate solution.

Welcome you into FIMO World www.fimoworld.com

EMC and Antenna Test Solutions

The Broadest Choice of EMC and Antenna Test Solutions.


The Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has developed a unique expertise in the visualization of electromagnetic waves.

These waves are at the heart of our daily lives: Smartphones, computers, tablets, cars, trains and planes — all these devices and vehicles would not work without them.

MVG offers systems that allow for the visualization of these waves, while evaluating the characteristics of antennas, performing EMC tests and helping speed up the development of products using microwave frequencies.




New repeater from Coiler

Coiler proud to announce  new dual band 3G and 4G repeater AT-1822 (60dB gain, 7dBm)

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The new Kathrein catalogues for mobile communication products!

The new Kathrein catalogues for mobile communication products!

The new catalogues for mobile communication products (690-6000 MHz) is available on Kathrein homepage.

Please note that the new wind load calculations are included.

CATALOGUE 2017 | 690-6000 MHZ

Cobham Wireless announces next generation on-board repeater to improve on train communications

Cobham Wireless announces next generation on-board repeater to improve on train communications

Chesham, UK – Cobham Wireless, a global leader in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and mobile communication systems, has announced the launch of its idOBR solution; the next generation digital on-board repeater set to revolutionise on-train cellular communications.

The upgrade to Cobham Wireless’ market leading on-board repeater solution offers high-bandwidth in-carriage services for the railway communications market enabling passengers to connect to robust 4G, 3G and 2G services even in the most challenging of environments. The unit is much more compact than current provisioning systems and includes a reduction in size to 2HU, making the unit more versatile than traditional solutions and offering the space savings demanded by the railway industry.

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Telegärtner Jumper Cables – Improved Strain Relief

Telegärtner Jumper Cables – Improved Strain Relief

With site sharing now becoming more common, the PIM stability and long-term performance of jumper cables are more important than ever.  Telegärtner takes this requirement very seriously and is constantly looking at ways to improve connector and jumper cable performance through innovation of their design features.  The solder joint has always been a critical part of this process and we have now taken the step to ensure this joint is better protected through a new, harder over mould material (Polyamide V0) and design.

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Coiler Proudly Presents its New Website





Kathrein Puts the World’s First K-BOW System into Service

Kathrein Puts the World’s First K-BOW System into Service

Kathrein has recently fitted a hotel complex on the island of Mauritius with its new indoor mobile communications system K-BOW. This has enabled the Hennessy Park Hotel, located in the trendsetting technology park Ebène Cybercity, to optimise mobile network coverage in its buildings. Network operator Emtel – which is based in the Cybercity – plans to apply the innovative system on a large scale throughout the approximately 60-hectare park. The technology site is considered an important bridge between Africa and Asia. Read more

Baltronic Group achieved Silver CSR Rating by EcoVadis

Baltronic Group achieves ‘Silver’ rating following EcoVadis audit of CSR practices

In recognition of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Baltronic Group has been awarded the prestigious Silver CSR Rating by EcoVadis, placing it in the top 30% of companies evaluated.

EcoVadis’ independent sustainability rating platform monitors and improves the environmental, ethical and social performance of companies worldwide. Respect for environmental policies and a strong focus on CSR and Corporate Governance is fundamental to Baltronic Group operations.

 EcoVadis provides sustainability performance audits to 20,000 companies across 150 sectors and in more than 100 countries and is used by many global companies, including Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, TeliaSonera, Tele2, Telefonica and Verizon.

Learn more about the EcoVadis at http://www.ecovadis.com/


Powerful and flexible – 4.3-10 Series

Powerful and flexible – 4.3-10 Series -Connector series for Mobile Applications

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Kathrein is the No.1 for Mobile Communication Antennas

Kathrein is the number one among providers of mobile communication antennas. This has been confirmed by a recent study of ABI Research, a renowned market research institute. According to the study, almost a quarter (24.8 per cent) of the LTE antennas sold worldwide come from Kathrein.

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New FI.MO.TEC:S.p.A. Product Catalogue

New catalogue included following chapters:

–        Cable Clamps & Fastening Devices

–        Radiating Cable Fixings

–        Grounding Kits

–        Wall Entries

–        Accessories for Installation

In case you need some printed copies, please let us know.

Any question about our products? The Baltronic sales team will be pleased to assist you!

About new ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates

About new ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates

In May 2015, the Baltronic Group successfully passed regular certification audits conducted by Bureau Veritas. The Group companies Baltronic OÜ, Baltronic SIA and Baltronic Vilnius UAB were issued new certificates, confirming the compliance of management and environmental systems and processes of  Baltronic Group to all requirements established by quality and environmental management system standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Baltronic Group’s integrated quality and environmental management system covers the sales of telecommunication network components and measurement equipment in the Baltic States, and additional sales and assembly of fibre optic and copper cable networks products in Estonia.

The new certificates are valid until 26 June 2018.



New Site Survey APP from Coiler

SSA Advanced Brochure VA3

News from KATHREIN-Werke KG

Kathrein Presents Innovative Solutions in the Macro and Indoor Sector


News from JMA Wireless

The Presidency Council of the European Union Gets Connected with JMA Wireless

Dignitaries Experience World-Class Wireless Connectivity Powered by the Teko DAS in the Latvia National Library, Host to the 2015 Presidency Council Meetings


Read more..

T-71C+ New core aligning fusion splicer from Sumitomo

T-71C+ New core aligning fusion splicer from Sumitomo

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has released the new T-71C+ splicer, Sumitomo’s innovative WiFi-enabled direct core alignment fusion splicer and SumiCloud® Service.

This upgraded unit inherits the product concept, “Ultra-fast splicing in every environment” from our previous flagship model, the T-71C.

While compact, lightweight, rugged and durable, the T-71C+ provides faster splicing and reduced heat shrink time. The T-71C+ achieves a 6 second splice time and 14 second heat shrink time in Quick Mode. Also, the T-71C+ continues to carry Sumitomo Electric’s original “two independent heaters” and “touch screen control panel” for simple and productive operation.

Furthermore, the T-71C+ provides users with Wireless LAN connectivity to improve productivity and asset management. The Wireless LAN enabled a connection between the T-71C+ and Sumitomo Electric’s SumiCloud® system via an Android smart-phone App. With the dedicated smart-phone App., the T-71C+ user can enjoy a wide range of benefits; including User Help Tools and Splice Data Management services.

With 30 years experiences of producing optical fiber fusion splicers, Sumitomo Electric achieved to introduce this innovative T71C+ & SumiCloud® service to the industry. Together the T71C+ & SumiCloud® now open the door to completely new splicer experience.

More info and brochure you can find on our webpage http://www.baltronic.com/en/productcat/splicers/

KATHREIN-Werke KG renewed homepage


Baltronic starts cooperation with FIBRAIN

Baltronic starts cooperation with fiber optic cable and component manufacturer FIBRAIN

At the end of year 2014, Baltronic group has signed a cooperation agreement with fiber optic cable manufacturer FIBRAIN. This cooperation will be a benefit to both companies, as well as their customers, because it will ensure fast deliveries of wide range of fiber optic and structured cabling system products.

FIBRAIN is one of the leading European manufacturers of fiber optic network components and structured cabling systems, and it takes a significant market share as a manufaturer of high quality products.

You can find more information about FIBRAIN fiber optic cables and other products here: www.fibrain.com as well as addressing Baltronic.


Baltronic signs cooperation agreement with Canovate

Baltronic signs cooperation agreement with Canovate

Baltronic Group has started a cooperation and closed a distribution agreement with telecommunication infrastructure product manufacturer CANOVATE. Baltronic will represent Canovate products in all three Baltic countries, and Canovate products will complement Baltronic offered solutions with data center products, telecommunication cabinets and racks for indoor as well as outdoor use, and other products, used to build a telecommunication infrastructure.

Canovate is an experienced manufacturer, specialized in manufacturing data center and telecommunication infrastructure products. Canovate customer base includes a list of world known brands – telecom operators, data center operators, equipment manufacturers etc.

More information about Canovate You can find in www.canovate.com or in Baltronic Office.


New Telegärtner brochure

New Telegärtner brochure “Components for Mobile Radio Base Stations”

The development of the mobile radio market and the expansion of the infrastructure for broadband networks (LTE) increasingly set new challenges for manufacturers and installers. Telegärtner supports you in this with an extended portfolio especially for mobile radio applications.


In the revised brochure “Components for Mobile Radio Base Stations” you will find a wide selection of high frequency, fiber optic and RJ45 components for this cases.


Newly included respectively expanded were the following chapters:


–        4.3-10 series

–        Jumper cables

–        Surge protection

–        RET cables

–        Hybrid power and fibre optic cable

–        Fiber-to-the-antenna

–        Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors


You can download the brochure here. In case you need some printed copies, please let us know.


Any question about our products? The Baltronic sales team will be pleased to assist you!

Happy New Year! from Baltronic Team!

Happy New Year! from Baltronic Team!



Seminar Antenna Line Products IX

Baltronic Group recently organized a practical and educational seminar Antenna Line Products IX (2014.9.30-10.02) which was conducted in all three Baltic states together with Baltronic’s long-term supplier partners: Kathrein, Coiler, Anritsu, Celltech, Delta and Telegärtner.

The aim of these seminars was to give an overview about the latest news in solutions and product portfolios of our represented manufacturers and highlight the main features and benefits of using our solutions for our customers. Besides the presentations, the seminar vistors had an opportunity to check out the equipment in a product demo area setup, and participate in an open discussion in regards to the trends and challenges in the mobile telecom market.

An innovative interconnection solution created by Optobit for FTTA and PTTA applications in the telecom market was also showcased during the seminar.  With a long history of success in fibre optic production and responding to the demands of our customers and the telecom market, Baltronic Group offers a wide range of fibre optic network solutions.

The seminar was open for all of our customer’s engineering and technical management staff wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the antenna line products telecom market. More than 100 visitors from leading telecom companies attended the seminar in three Baltics States.

Coiler’s new LTE Repeaters

Coiler’s LTE repeaters guarantee seamless extension of your LTE network




LTE is the most up to date trend for wireless communications globally. As more operators are using LTE network technology, the demand for indoor LTE coverage also increases. One of the technical challenges of creating repeaters fully compatible with LTE network is to minimize the group delay of the repeaters to below 4.68 microseconds (the standard Cyclic Prefix value). As one of the top providers of RF repeaters, Coiler has developed two repeater series that overcame this technical challenge so there would be no drop of throughput even using extending LTE network through these repeaters.

First of which would be the AT Series repeater. AT-2200 has been one of the bestselling 3G residential repeaters globally. Coiler has carried this successful design from 3G to 4G, and there are now four models of AT repeaters specifically designed for LTE networks. AT-700 is for 700 APD (Band 28); AT-800 for 800 DD (Band 18); AT-900 for 900 (Band 8); and AT-1800 for 1800+ (Band 3). Featuring 65dB of gain and 13dBm of output power, AT Series unit is the most ideal choice of residential repeater. Each one of these AT Series repeaters also supports frequency and bandwidth adjustment via Coiler’s OMT software, making them versatile for any operator that has launched LTE in any of these four supported bands.

MB Series, the other Coiler LTE repeater series currently has two models: MB-900 and MB-1800. Although LTE technology has been deployed on 900 and 1800 bands, UMTS and GSM are quite common on 900 and DCS is still widely used on 1800. The MB utilizes digital filter that can support multiple adjustable segments and multiple network technologies. When MB-900/1800 is used for LTE or UMTS network, it can support up to two separate segments (two operators, or one operator with two separate segments); when used for GSM or DCS, MB-900/1800 can support up to four segments (up to four operators or operator with up to four segments). Additionally, the AGS (Auto Gain Setting) on MB automatically adjust the gain of each segment so even when the source signals vary in strength on the donor side, the output power on the service side would be equal for each segment. The MB repeater has 80dB of gain and 23dBm of output power when used for LTE or UMTS, 19dBm for GSM , 20dBm for DCS. With built in keypad for easy local control, it is the best coverage solution for medium to large indoor areas.

AEG Power Solutions industrial rectifier & battery charger

AEG Power Solutions thyristor controlled industrial rectifier & battery charger

The mSPRe has been developed and designed to provide high reliability power supply and battery charging capability in very compact design. The product is using thyristor-controlled technology and it suitable for charging nickel-cadmium or lead acid batteries while supplying DC loads. The small compact system includes all necessary function of modern rectifier to protect the load, optimize the life time of batteries and communicate with environment.

More info

Baltronic is exclusive distributor of Inno Instrument

img_fiberBaltronic is exclusive distributor of Inno Instrument in Latvia and Lithuania


Baltronic has become the exclusive distributor of Inno Instrument fiber optic splicing equipment in Latvia and Lithuania.

Inno Instrument is founded in 2007, and its business area is manufacturing of fiber optic splicing equipment and accessories. Inno Instrument is one of the worlds leaders in its business area. Despite the relatively recent history of the company, Inno Instrument has proven itself as a reliable high-end equipment manufacturer. As an evidence of that is rapid company development and popularity of its splicing machines among telecommunication infrastructure operators and installation companies. All equipment is provided with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

More information about Inno Instrument fiber optic splicing machines can be found here: www.innoinstrument.com or by contacting Baltronic.

Telegärtner Group has re-designed its website

At June 03, 2014, the completely re-designed website of Telegärtner group goes online. All companies in the Telegärtner Group will merge their existing websites and present themselves henceforth under a common website: www.telegaertner.com



F Surge Suppressors 75 Ω from Telegärtner

F Surge Suppressors 75 Ω from Telegärtner

Telegärtner offers a wide range of surge suppressors for the protection  of electronic devices.

They are designed for use in coaxial transmission lines to suppress high surge impulses,

which are typically generated by  lightning strikes in the immediate vicinity.

Typical applications for the  F surge suppressors is in video monitoring / security systems,

in head-end  applications and outdoor broadcast vehicles.



Sealing concepts for coaxial connectors

Sealing concepts for coaxial connectors

The electrical connecting points in coaxial connectors must be protected against ambient influences. Dust and water or moisture are a constant hazard especially in outdoor applications, e.g. mobile radio masts. Moisture, particularly, which penetrates a coaxial system, changes the HF transmission enormously and leads to impedances or poor return loss values. Seals must be fitted at all connecting points to protect the sensitive and expensive electronics. This two-part newsletter presents the requirements for correct sealing design and different sealing concepts.


More info: http://www.telegaertner.com/en/karl-gaertner/telegramm/2014-03/Sealing-concepts/

Anritsu Company introduces the Microwave Site Master S820E

AnritsuS820E-00p Company introduces the Microwave Site Master S820E, the world’s first handheld cable and antenna analyzer with frequency coverage up to 40 GHz, which continues Anritsu’s leadership position in the handheld analyzer market it established with the first broadband Site Master over 15 years ago. In addition to providing the widest frequency coverage of 1 MHz to 40 GHz, the Site Master S820E offers field technicians, engineers and wireless network installers industry-leading dynamic range, directivity, and durability so they can conduct highly accurate measurements during the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of microwave communications systems. Additionally, Anritsu announces the Site Master S820E will feature Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) measurement functionality.

With dynamic range of 110 dB up to 40 GHz, the Site Master S820E brings performance typically only achieved with a benchtop instrument into the field to address the measurement challenges of today’s wireless networks. Best-in-class frequency resolution of 1 Hz provides maximum frequency flexibility for users. The wide frequency coverage provides high-resolution distance resolution, so the handheld analyzer can conduct more accurate Distance-To-Fault (DTF) measurements.

More info: http://www.anritsu.com/en-GB/Products-Solutions/Products/S820E.aspx


Kathrein revolutionises mobile communications in buildings


Kathrein Micro C-RAN








Kathrein has announced an innovative solution to meet the growing demand for mobile data traffic in buildings and across campus-wide environments. The German-based antenna and electronics manufacturer has developed a new Micro C-RAN system called K-BOW that will be launched at this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Hall 06, Stand J36).

Kathrein’s K-BOW system bridges the gap between established network architectures and those required to deliver future wireless service provision indoors and over mixed indoor/outdoor sites. K-BOW supports multi-operator, multi-band and multi-standard operation and uses the flexibility of a mobile communications capacity pool to dynamically meet changing demand for data. In this way, operators have the flexibility to adjust their in-building networks to meet customer requirements and react quickly to changes in user behaviour.

Remote adjustment to capacity demands

As changes to coverage and capacity can be done remotely and do not involve physical changes to the installation, Kathrein’s Micro C-RAN solution drastically reduces the cost and time for network operators. This contrasts to conventional static indoor cell architectures, which are very expensive to modify or upgrade.

K-BOW aggregates data traffic with a centralised RAN platform and transmits multiple combinations of signals to individual radio units (RUs). The solution is remotely-controlled over a network monitoring system so that capacity in any area within the building can be easily increased or decreased. This allows for the creation of self-organising networks (SONs) in buildings, while LTE MIMO can also be directly introduced to offer end user data rates equivalent to those outside of buildings.

Top signal quality at all times

“With mobile communications continuing to change dramatically, K-BOW is setting the standard for mobile data transmission in buildings by simultaneously overcoming multiple technological challenges,” stated Dr. Michael Weber, CTO at Kathrein. “We provide network operators with the flexibility they need to respond rapidly to their customers’ demands. We are opening up exciting new possibilities for indoor network optimisation, providing users with the best possible signal quality at all times.”

Energy expenses significantly decreased

K-BOW’s energy saving potential is particularly innovative. Signals from individual frequency bands can be switched on and off, based on demand from every small cell. Network operators can, for example, switch to a 1,800 MHz base signal at night, ensuring coverage provision within the building while saving electricity costs from the other amplifiers. This feature can reduce energy expenses of the entire system by up to 50 per cent.

“Most traditionally structured antenna systems have not been designed to save energy, despite this being a major cost factor in all companies,” explained Dr. Weber. “What’s more, users are placing totally new demands on the system’s flexibility, whether it is about response times to network changes, data rates or service level improvement.”

K-BOW offers an innovative, future-proof solution for in-building mobile communications challenges. The system will be introduced at the MWC in Barcelona and will then be made commercially available at the beginning of 2015.

Kathrein is in Hall 6 on stand 6J36 at MWC


Quadrant Connections becomes Telegärtner UK Limited

Telegartner UK Limited is now the new name for Quadrant Connections Ltd – it became part of the Telegärtner Group in 2011 and continues its excellent reputation for providing a full range of high quality, competitively priced cable assemblies from our production facilities, both in the UK and Slovakia as well as supplying Coax, RF and DataVoice connectors and cables, including Fibre products to the home.


Akkuvoima Oy is now Celltech Oy

Akkuvoima Oy has changed 01/01/2014 Celltech Oy



Anritsu Fiber Visualizer Tool

Anritsu Extends Fiber Visualizer Tool to Simplify Installation and Maintenance of Optical Fiber Networks

Anritsu Company introduces Fiber Visualizer for its MT9090A Network Master platform, creating a field test solution that simplifies conducting highly accurate measurements of fiber cables, connections, and splices when installing or maintaining high-speed, FTTH, CATV, Access, Mobile Backhaul, FTTA, DAS and Metro networks. Fiber Visualizer, which allows field technicians of any skill level to have access to the most advanced testing capabilities, makes fiber testing easier and faster by automatically selecting the correct testing parameters, analyzing the data, and providing a clear PASS/FAIL summary of the results.


Fiber Visualizer provides an easy step-though process for optical fiber testing, including parameter selection, trace acquisition, event analysis, PASS/FAIL acceptance, and report generation. A graphical summary of the entire fiber is presented when testing is complete to provide users with an unmatched level of visibility into the fiber span. A dedicated button allows users to quickly toggle between the icon-based graphical summary and the OTDR trace, while a comprehensive customized PDF report of the results is also quickly generated.


Fiber Visualizer is standard on new MT9090A Network Master µOTDR models. Existing users can upgrade their MT9090A units free of charge. Fiber Visualizer is also available on the Anritsu MT9083x2 ACCESS Master OTDR.

Fiber Visualizer

New Logistics Manager started in Baltronic

Baltronic is pleased to announce that Jaak Raidma joined our company on November 28, in the position of Logistics Manager.

Jaak has diverse experience in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

Long-term experience in the field of electronics manufacturing companies will certainly contribute the work of the Logistics Department and makes Baltronic´s Group supply chain management more efficient.

New 4.3-10 connector system for the mobile communication

Leading connector suppliers HUBER+SUHNER, Rosenberger, SPINNER and Telegärtner jointly developed a new connector system for the mobile communication market. The new 4.3- 10 connector system is designed to meet the rising performance needs of mobile network equipment and at the same time reducing its size supporting the ongoing space reduction requirements.

The finalization of the standardization is expected in 2014. At the same time the system will be available with high quantities for the mobile communication industry.


Baltronic Group was awarded as the Partner of the Year

Baltronic Group was awarded as the Partner of the Year 2012 of Coiler Corporation.

We have the great pleasure to announce that Baltronic Group and Coiler Corporation efforts and common targets have led to successful collaboration in the Baltic market.


World`s first Penta-band Antenna!

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Kathrein presented world`s first Penta-band antenna.
Kathrein’s penta-band design offers almost unlimited possibilities for network roll-outs and future system requirements.


ALP VIII Seminar spacer

Baltronic Group organised September, 25th – 27th 2012 in Baltics a series of practical ALP seminars. This year´s event was already the 8th in a row and as a good tradition,  the seminars were held together with our partners – Kathrein, FI.MO.TEC, Teko Telecom, Coiler and Anritsu.