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+372 699 6790

Veerenni 52, Tallinn, 11313 Estonia

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The Kathrein group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional transmitting antennas for radio (FM; DAB, DAB+) and TV (analogue and digital).

Kathrein broadcast antenna systems are tailor-made to the customers’ specifications and designed, manufactured and installed absolutely meticulously.

A team of highly-specialised engineers is responsible for:

ringhäälingu süsteemidBroadcasting corporations in over 120 countries on all continents trust in the quality of Kathreins’ products and services. We provide specific, turnkey solutions of the highest grade, developed in collaboration with qualified business partners and customers.

Kathrein’s broadcast antennas are characterised not only by their outstanding electrical specifications, but also special attention is paid to the mechanical parameters. Products are designed to conform to the European Telecommunications Standard (ETS 300 019 – 1 – 4). The requirements of this standard are not only completely satisfied, but in some cases even exceeded. All the necessary tests are performed in-house, and at Kathreins’ antenna production facilities all antennas and components are fully tested. The results are then documented in a test protocol with serial numbers.