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+372 699 6790

Veerenni 52, Tallinn, 11313 Estonia

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In addition to mobile communications, Kathrein also produces antennas, filters, combiners and amplifiers for broadcast, satellite and terrestrial networks as well as for cars and automotive systems. Baltronic has won tenders throughout the Baltic States using Kathrein’s antenna solutions.

Kathrein’s current mobile communications portfolio ranges from 25-6000 MHz. It comprises directional and omni-directional antennas tailored to suit customers’ individual needs, and specially-designed antennas for bus, rail and ground-to-air communications.

Kathrein produces  more than 250 types of antennas in the 790-6000 MHz range.

Products are designed to conform with the requirements of the European Telecommunications Standard (ETS 300 019-1-4), and in many cases they are not only fully met, but even exceeded. All of the necessary tests are performed in-house, and in antenna production facilities to ensure that they comply with technical specifications regarding VSWR, decoupling, or intermodulation, among others.