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Baltronic is distributor of Coiler Corporation repeaters. Coiler Corporation RF repeaters that amplify the radio frequency used for mobile phone communication. Mobile phone users may experience poor mobile call quality due to construction materials, natural or manmade obstacles, or the landscape. Coiler repeaters can enhance mobile signal coverage by amplifying both uplink signals from a donor antenna and downlink signal from a service antenna, therefore giving you access to high quality voice or data calls.

Coiler’s wide portfolio of products can provide solution for a large variety of scenarios. Whether you need coverage solution for residential homes, office buildings, parking lots, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, and even small townships, Coiler can provide you with the product to get the job done.

In this section you will find products categorized by Coilers’ product matrix or the different cellular access protocols or technologies.

Coilers’ innovative portfolio of band selective RF indoor repeaters provide users with many benefits, including and not limited to the following:

Dual band repiter portfolioSingle band repiter portfolio