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Significant Orders of EME Guard XS in Europe  

Together with the continuous flow of POs for EME Guard XS that is being received from the US market, the European market is also very active and shows an important flow of POs in the past months coming from the following MVG European distributors: Suojalaite (Finland), Anteros (Croatia), MST (Czech Republic), Tritech (Israel), Softbox (Cyprus), TEMSystem (Spain), T&M Systems (Benelux), CableCom (Portugal), Delo (Italy), Butler (Ireland), Drys (Greece), SkyEco (Slovakia), Baltronic (Baltics) and with a special mention for Eudisa (Germany) who just sold (again!) several hundreds of units in a single shot to a major cellular infrastructure builder. Congrats to all!

All the 28 European states have now the European Directive 2013-35-EU translated in a local law: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/search.html?type=advanced&qid=1507819107824&DN=72013L0035*

As a direct consequence, the need for personal Exposimeter is increased because of companies who are now forced to take actions to comply with this new law.

EME Guard XS, with its affordable price and short delivery time is the right product to propose to companies who need to take immediate actions to control the exposure of their employees.


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